Luukland’s Servers

Hi, this is the temporary page for the archive of Luukland’s servers, which was the best openttd goal server including citybuilder starting at 2009-08-24 and being shutdown three years later, at 2012-08-24. This page will show the only content that has been saved.
The last article: has given permission to continue citybuilding! Your old account of can be revived on novapolis if you claim it before the 1st of October, after that, all client data of will be deleted in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Have fun citybuilding!!

“"Every Beginning Has An End" are the wise words of the oracle in the movie Matrix. Recognizing the bitter truth in this quote makes me melancholic.” Quoting the inspiring Kurt in 2009, the end of his servers.

I could use this last few lines to thank the openttd development team for their hard work in the past years. But I would be lying.   The only people I would like to thank, are the players and moderator team of Luukland’s . We used to like the development on Transport Tycoon . But with time comes wisdom and with their sozzy little noses and gigantic attitude, they have tried to work against us. Starting from the release of 1.0.0, every patch we ever posted was “fixed”, and had to be recoded completely. In the free- and open-source business a very sad occurrence. Bottomline : “We didn’t like them and it is safe to assume vice versa”. This gave us the brand: “closed-source-pirates”, which we stayed till the end.

There are many causes, why we have decided to toss the towel, but most important is the fact, that time is limited. Due to changing economic situations and live-changing jobs, it is impossible to keep Luukland’s on the quality level, we have aimed for since the very first beginning. The high level of gaming experience and enjoyment on Luukland’s servers couldn’t be maintained. As gratefulness we will keep some stuff like rankings online, until their time has come.
We know that you will miss us, but do not grief! Some other community might arise and survive the test of time!

(posted on 2012-08-24)

Screenshot of the old page

Eternal Rankings

Admin team : Muxy TheDude Luukland Fugas Xi

Few statistics from 3 years of Luukland's servers

Maximum money achieved:
£ 2,110,589,622
Maximum income achieved:
£ 216,886,152
Maximum company value achieved:
£ 2,117,305,687

Maximum goal values reached in 12 years goal games
Company value£ 180,769,752
Income£ 55,035,088
Cargo - cumulative1,081,085 units
{cargo} - Income£ 211,419,336
City-builder86,752 inhabitants
Number of games per game type
Quest8052 x
Company value3805 x
Income3637 x
Cargo - cumulative1359 x
City-builder19745 x
Number of games per number of companies in that games
05836 x
16286 x
25836 x
35035 x
44038 x
53199 x
62308 x
71628 x
81005 x
9612 x
10389 x
11211 x
12132 x
1346 x
1431 x
1516 x
Number of games per number of clients in that games
01268 x
15746 x
25972 x
35186 x
44400 x
53387 x
62617 x
72057 x
81611 x
91250 x
10921 x
11697 x
12477 x
13352 x
14234 x
15171 x
16106 x
1758 x
1837 x
1928 x
2010 x
218 x
227 x
234 x
241 x
261 x
331 x
411 x
Number of games per server
1 QUEST3819 x
2 QUEST3843 x
3 GOAL7260 x
4 CB7571 x
5 CB7234 x
6 CB2675 x
7 BLITZ3304 x
Number of games per start year
1945920 x
19501901 x
19552040 x
19602488 x
19652861 x
19705728 x
19756074 x
19806767 x
19856639 x
19901142 x
200013 x
20094 x
Number of games per climate
Number of games per game type, climate and start year
QuestTEMPERATE1950563 x
QuestTEMPERATE1955705 x
QuestTEMPERATE1960692 x
QuestTEMPERATE1965856 x
QuestTEMPERATE1970352 x
QuestTEMPERATE1975477 x
QuestTEMPERATE1980956 x
QuestTEMPERATE19851491 x
QuestTEMPERATE199021 x
QuestSUB-ARCTIC195552 x
QuestSUB-ARCTIC19609 x
QuestSUB-ARCTIC1975180 x
QuestSUB-ARCTIC19852 x
QuestSUB-TROPIC195542 x
QuestSUB-TROPIC196052 x
QuestSUB-TROPIC196540 x
QuestSUB-TROPIC1970793 x
QuestSUB-TROPIC1975698 x
QuestSUB-TROPIC198048 x
QuestSUB-TROPIC19851 x
Company valueTEMPERATE1945149 x
Company valueTEMPERATE1950157 x
Company valueTEMPERATE1955100 x
Company valueTEMPERATE1960162 x
Company valueTEMPERATE1965273 x
Company valueTEMPERATE1970189 x
Company valueTEMPERATE1975158 x
Company valueTEMPERATE1980171 x
Company valueTEMPERATE20094 x
Company valueSUB-ARCTIC1945172 x
Company valueSUB-ARCTIC1950108 x
Company valueSUB-ARCTIC195598 x
Company valueSUB-ARCTIC1960105 x
Company valueSUB-ARCTIC1965121 x
Company valueSUB-ARCTIC1970130 x
Company valueSUB-ARCTIC1975122 x
Company valueSUB-ARCTIC1980136 x
Company valueSUB-TROPIC1945108 x
Company valueSUB-TROPIC1950129 x
Company valueSUB-TROPIC195599 x
Company valueSUB-TROPIC1960174 x
Company valueSUB-TROPIC1965187 x
Company valueSUB-TROPIC1970262 x
Company valueSUB-TROPIC1975340 x
Company valueSUB-TROPIC1980151 x
IncomeTEMPERATE1945126 x
IncomeTEMPERATE1950112 x
IncomeTEMPERATE1955118 x
IncomeTEMPERATE1960320 x
IncomeTEMPERATE1965183 x
IncomeTEMPERATE1970157 x
IncomeTEMPERATE1975192 x
IncomeTEMPERATE1980170 x
IncomeSUB-ARCTIC1945159 x
IncomeSUB-ARCTIC195076 x
IncomeSUB-ARCTIC1955173 x
IncomeSUB-ARCTIC1960120 x
IncomeSUB-ARCTIC1965120 x
IncomeSUB-ARCTIC1970132 x
IncomeSUB-ARCTIC1975118 x
IncomeSUB-ARCTIC1980115 x
IncomeSUB-TROPIC194594 x
IncomeSUB-TROPIC195094 x
IncomeSUB-TROPIC1955118 x
IncomeSUB-TROPIC1960163 x
IncomeSUB-TROPIC1965267 x
IncomeSUB-TROPIC1970172 x
IncomeSUB-TROPIC1975170 x
IncomeSUB-TROPIC1980168 x
Cargo - cumulativeTEMPERATE194517 x
Cargo - cumulativeTEMPERATE195025 x
Cargo - cumulativeTEMPERATE195524 x
Cargo - cumulativeTEMPERATE1960105 x
Cargo - cumulativeTEMPERATE196519 x
Cargo - cumulativeTEMPERATE1970107 x
Cargo - cumulativeTEMPERATE197518 x
Cargo - cumulativeTEMPERATE198026 x
Cargo - cumulativeSUB-ARCTIC194546 x
Cargo - cumulativeSUB-ARCTIC1950207 x
Cargo - cumulativeSUB-ARCTIC195537 x
Cargo - cumulativeSUB-ARCTIC196037 x
Cargo - cumulativeSUB-ARCTIC196544 x
Cargo - cumulativeSUB-ARCTIC197035 x
Cargo - cumulativeSUB-ARCTIC197538 x
Cargo - cumulativeSUB-ARCTIC1980114 x
Cargo - cumulativeSUB-TROPIC194548 x
Cargo - cumulativeSUB-TROPIC195044 x
Cargo - cumulativeSUB-TROPIC195544 x
Cargo - cumulativeSUB-TROPIC196034 x
Cargo - cumulativeSUB-TROPIC196534 x
Cargo - cumulativeSUB-TROPIC197067 x
Cargo - cumulativeSUB-TROPIC197554 x
Cargo - cumulativeSUB-TROPIC1980135 x
City-builderTEMPERATE19451 x
City-builderTEMPERATE1950170 x
City-builderTEMPERATE1955174 x
City-builderTEMPERATE1960213 x
City-builderTEMPERATE1965293 x
City-builderTEMPERATE19701546 x
City-builderTEMPERATE19751425 x
City-builderTEMPERATE19801983 x
City-builderTEMPERATE19852383 x
City-builderTEMPERATE1990490 x
City-builderTEMPERATE200013 x
City-builderSUB-ARCTIC195084 x
City-builderSUB-ARCTIC195573 x
City-builderSUB-ARCTIC196083 x
City-builderSUB-ARCTIC1965117 x
City-builderSUB-ARCTIC1970611 x
City-builderSUB-ARCTIC1975636 x
City-builderSUB-ARCTIC1980681 x
City-builderSUB-ARCTIC1985698 x
City-builderSUB-ARCTIC1990280 x
City-builderSUB-TROPIC1950132 x
City-builderSUB-TROPIC1955183 x
City-builderSUB-TROPIC1960218 x
City-builderSUB-TROPIC1965307 x
City-builderSUB-TROPIC19701165 x
City-builderSUB-TROPIC19751446 x
City-builderSUB-TROPIC19801912 x
City-builderSUB-TROPIC19852020 x
City-builderSUB-TROPIC1990351 x