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Inventor of the Luukland's Servers

In 2007, some of you might remember, I started the Luukland's Servers. Everyweekend I hosted 2/3 games on my laptop. Luckily players seemed to LIKE thegames, due to the increased difficulty and the great admin supervision.Resulting in a very cozy and sometimes very busy server. About 1 year ago, I met Fugas , who remembered me from earlier. He did mean offer I couldn't refuse. At the summer of 2009, we finally had a 24/7 server. Unpatched that is, because Luukland , me, can't code. Basic html is about it. In my search I found peace with Goulp .


Some people think Goulp is a human. Or plural; humans. Neither are true, itis a believe, a religion. Without a spiritual leader, and very little documentation. Goulp provided me with the first Luukland's Servers patch ! I believe it was theairport patch, which limited the amount of airports to 5. Quite easy and innovative at that time. Gratitude and thanks went to Goulp .He even helped getting a base of operations, a HQ to be setup. Most of you willremember; ;) The years to come would prove to be difficult.

OpenTTD Development

Please do not see us as a member of the OpenTTD development team. We do not share the same beliefs and do not work together. Due to an old conflict with the OpenTTD Development team, we are a completely seperated group (also called niche) within the Transport Tycoon Framework.


Due to the currentlicensing issues we cannot and shall not release our source code. However youcan buy it for the lovely price of 200.000 EUR. We will even put in a bottle of champaign ! You can however, play citybuilder by joining our community and playing it in multiplayer for free!