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The Guy with NewGrfing - NewGrf development and Web programming - The Dude abides.

The Dude abides

The newgrf and website (game statistics pages) guy, also a bit c+ maintainance of single CB client, modgui client and server code

It all start with my first PC back in 1998. Very soon I got Transport Tycoon Deluxe from my cousin and it was love on the first play. From time to time I always returned to TTD. When internet came (to my house) I started to look for TTD there and found Josef Drexler's ttdpatch and the new experience beggan. In 2006 I explored OTTD and thought it was good. In August 2010 I quit playing Age of Empires II and once again returned to OTTD, which went some path ahead. I finally understood newgrf and very soon I started experimenting with multiplayer and in few weeks when bouncing between common games I ran into Ex's server. I liked the goal system, but their website sucked. But I read there about Luukland's servers, so I tried it. First I thought it will be one week experience, yes, I liked the goals and quests, but in some quests seemed to me as too hard. But after week or so, I decided to aim for the quests and via the time I spent online I get touch with captain Luukland, who visited board every evening to chat with the common sailors.

One day I presented him some ideas which could be made real on website. First he gave me some newgrf to fix. I thought it would be some kind of tricky test, but it was very simple.

Next day there was a chit chat about ECS server idea. Luukland refused it, because there was no set with original vehicles. He was lucky (maybe not) I was around, because:

<The Dude> Luukland, you know, I started to develop such set a few weeks ago for my personal needs
<Luukland> No, you didnt :p

Yes, it was true and very soon he provided me with some graphics and the set was done (currently runnin on LS2)

Goulp dev team never sleeps, you know

Life is short, why end it now?

Hello there, With the demise of Luukland's Servers at the doorsteps it is time for a little happier anouncement. Goulp development team (who stands behind the Luukland's Servers) will be one member down with Luukland quiting the headlights of TTD world, ending one era of goal server history and the Luukland's Servers itself. As Luukland is, and soon was, the head of the team who hold its course together with the bright idea and iron fists, the rest of the Goulp was tear down and cried, raving in hulking anguish, when faced with master's leave.

However the remaining Goulp (Fugas, Muxy, The Dude and xi) thinks the city-builder servers have to continue. Thus we will setup new server. This will take us from week to month before all is done. We like running goal and citybuilding servers and we are happy such a great community rose around it. Luukland's pages will be running for a several weeks after servers closing, until we setup new domain, we will further inform you here. The king is dead, hail to the king (baby)!

The Dude

Goulp will reside in IRC channel #goulp at for a while. Visit us freely.
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